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First in a new series of desert ideas.
A Word About Food Safety
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Seed Swap

Sunflower Greens
find seeds online by typing: organic sprouting seeds vendor in your search box

Exciting News!
This Year's Seed Swap Speaker will be:
Rafael Ravenet on Sacred Farming

Important news: Come to our 1st Annual Meaningful Seed Swap! 1pm, Saturday, Jan. 28th 2012 at the Denny Park Apartments, 230 8th Ave. N. Seattle The last saturday of January is the traditional day to swap seeds. In neolithic times, this meant the gardeners would meet, trade good seeds, methods, stories and have a good time. So please join our work party! call 206-898-1943 with questions, direction, or just to say hello!

Our organization supports learning as well as practice in the area of good eating and prevention.   We offer no cost learning to individuals, families, schools, institutions and other organizations.  Let us show you how to make good nutrition fun.

Today's commercial agriculture risks major impact on the planet.  Fertilization, feeding and irrigating conventional growing consequently pollutes through run-off as well as the greenhouse gas  footprint generated by use of fossil fuels.  Our method does very little if any of this.  You are guaranteed a toxic-free crop, organic as well as super-nutritious.

What's best, this type of cultivation is sustainable, very nutritious and it saves water.  I regularly produce five pounds of the crop on one gallon of water.  This ability to save water will become a serious need in the coming years due to climate shift.

We show you how to grow your own fresh garden greens at home- easily and in 14 days.

Denny Park Apartments Edible Garden Founders
Watch Us Grow!
We focus on improving the diet of home bound
individuals, seniors or anyone else interested in
growing food inside! Schools are perfect partners,
ask us about our learning programs.

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