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Seed Swap

Seed Swap        Saturday January 28,2012                            1pm, free food and drink
come to:  The Denny Park Apartments   230 8th Ave             Call 206-898-1943
The Denny Park Apartments are Next to: Denny Park on Denny Ave, Downtown.
Seed Swap!  The last Saturday of each January has been the traditional day to swap seeds.  This is why Habitat Means Life and The Denny Park Apartments Urban Edible Garden Team has decided to make Seed Swap the opening day with respect to the 2012 growing season.  We had big success last year and this year will be even better!!!  Come to our work party and meet other gardeners, enjoy beverages, be social, trade seeds, recipes, methods, techniques, stories, you name it.  Folks, it is all about community and this is the kicker day. 
Important.  The garden plan will be voted on this day and tenants will have a chance to win the best plots.  First come first served.  This is your chance to opbtain a plot!  Your own urban garden.  Plus, we will discuss the garden plan and you will get a chance to say how you want the growing  to go!
Any Questions?    206-898-1943
call 206-898-1943

We thank you for living in a sustainable manner!

Habitat Means Life * Ste. 304 * 2030 7th Ave. Seattle, WA * US * 98121