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New Feature: Recipes (Go Local)!

Learn About Us- Get Involved

First in a new series of desert ideas.
A Word About Food Safety
Learn About Sprouting Here- Grow Food at Home! It's Easy.
Learn About Us- Get Involved
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Start by Contacting Our Mission Team
Director:  Rafael Ravenet
We are a non-profit company.

Whether you live abroad or just next door, the internet frees us to communicate.  Contact our mission team and let us know how Habitat Means Life may help you and your organization.  We can send you a learning kit or conduct a presentation.  You choose.
Just click this address to send us e-mail:

Or give us a call at (206)898-1943.

Visit us at our related site:
Sustainable Communities All Around Puget Sound

SCALLOPS introduces you to the world of localized interest.  Does your community have such an organization of like minded individuals?

Thank you for visiting our site- more to come!


Habitat Means Life * Ste. 304 * 2030 7th Ave. Seattle, WA * US * 98121