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New Feature: Recipes (Go Local)!

Fabulous Cuban Flan Recipe "use local when you can"
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Your family can now try the singular best flan recipe.  This one was brought to Cuba by Aliens way back before sugar was even thought of as an addition to Cuban Coffee.  Make plenty, cause when the kids try this, you'll wish you bought two gallons of milk instead of one.  Make sure you use local vanilla (that can be tough, vanilla is an orchid and it doesn't grow well in the upper penninsula.  But do your best with local dairy products. Local means Ma and Pa have an opportunity to help our communities thrive.  For this, we are calling the recipe Thrive Cuban Flan!  I'm giving credit on this one to a nice blog from Chicago:

Click on the above link and enjoy! Make plenty, because instant popularity comes with this wonderful recipe.  Serve alone or with anything- Really- little black dress, meet little white desert.

Support Urban Gardening Every Chance You Get!  A local economy needs local fruits and vegetables.  Just remember the three most important areas:  Food, Clothing and Shelter.  Keeping it local benefits your community and says no to exploitative labor practices.  thanks

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