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Sustainable Downtown Seattle

April 4 Westlake Park MLK Remembrance
Coming Soon- Sustainable Downtown Seattle Makes Public Information Video
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A Technology Cuts Both Ways
A Word On Food Safety
Denny Park Apartments Family Garden
Downtown Seattle SCALLOPS Meeting Site
The Economy of Happiness Screening
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A goal!
The next two years are very important to the future of the country.

Important News About Site: Sustainable Downtown Seattle has been right there during the past few years at Westlake Park in Downtown Seattle. The Westlake Habitat Crusaders have been active meeting new people and doing the good work getting signatures or raising awareness with respect to important issues related to our transition in the region. NEW EVENT On Wed March 28th During the Lunch Hour, Habitat Means Life with Sustainable Downtown Seattle will demonstrate: Cultivation of Microgreens At noon, in Westlake Park, Downtown Seattle, we will show participants how to begin the microgreen process, then along with workshops every Wed., we will bring the greens back out two weeks later on April 11 and show off how cool it is to grow your own. This will be a very exciting couple of weeks, Each Wednesday will be another day to bring out the greens and educate about growing food at home. Bring out the Greens!

Visit other sites with similar missions and excellent support for all things sustainable.

We are dedicated to bringing a sustainable living to the Pacific Northwest.  Visit to discover a world of like minded individuals making a difference.

Join us and create a solution to the existing problems of climate change and dwindling resource.  Now is the time!  If you live within the boundaries of Denny Way and Jackson, Broadway and the bay- you are one of our neighbors.  Join us for events, conferences, movies and much, much, more.

Make a difference!

Join us and add to the voice!
We are dedicated to promoting sustainablitiy in the Puget Sound.

Westlake Habitat Crusade * Ste. 304 2030 7th Ave * Seattle * WA * 98121