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Sustainable Downtown Seattle

April 4 Westlake Park MLK Remembrance
April 4 Westlake Park MLK Remembrance
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Why do I start off with a bus route?  Well... we all know how important and beneficial mass transit is to our city and lives. Take route number 17, Whole Foods- Denny Park to Downtown Ballard.  I celebrate this route and shudder to consider it may be discontinued.

Sustainable Downtown Seattle was asked to speak with Seattle Amalgamated Transit Union at Westlake Park Wednesday, April 4.  What better day to introduce, celebrate and remember the significance of mass transit to Rosa Parks, MLK and each of us.  Our famous county is but famous for the work of the great man. I carry the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King forever in my heart!

SDS spoke at Westlake park on importance of reach.  Imagine each and every one of us reaching 10 more people. I like to find out how informed folks are on issues ranging from conservation to voting rights. Inquire, inform, participate, fulfill the mission of building awareness on so many fronts.

Think Mass Transit, Mr. Bachtel- President of Seattle Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 needs our support.  Mr. Bachtel was there at Westlake Park on April 4.  He spoke on the central mission of the local. Sustainable Downtown Seattle supports his vision.  Unity, What more can we ask for in these divisive times.  Thank You.

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