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Sustainable Downtown Seattle

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Denny Park Apartments Family Garden
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Denny Park Apartments Edible Gardening Founders
Watch Us Grow!

Last year we pulled out the decorative plum and put in the edible.  It was a success!  Kids farming at home in downtown south lake union- what more could you ask for. 
The Denny Park Apt's have a mezzanine level protected growing space with beaucoup irrigation.  It is an award winning green building with tons of opportunity for families to grow
healthful veggies right at home.
We need your support! 
Check out the link below, learn about this beautiful building and its commitment to social justice!

Wanna take part, contact me at: Rafael Ravenet, Habitat Means Life, Ste 304 2030 7th Ave. Seattle, WA  98121  206-898-1943,

Westlake Habitat Crusade * Ste. 304 2030 7th Ave * Seattle * WA * 98121