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Habitat Means Life is very happy to support The Denny Park Apartments Edible Kitchen Garden!

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Our organization is a non-profit organization committed to improving awareness of environmental issues and concerns such a global warming and habitat loss.  Join us:

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The New Family Farm is the title of Rafael Ravenet’s new book introducing how knowledge and technology have actually brought the farm back to the family.  The author focuses on how anyone can grow super-nutritious garden produce at home with a harvest in less than two weeks; all on recycled water.  With traditional corporate agriculture coming under criticism, Rafael proposes such sustainable indoor gardens as an attractive option to anyone living without access to outdoor growing facilities.  Following the author’s advice, one need not leave the house to easily and quickly produce salad greens useful in dishes as varied as veggie burgers, sprouted bread, soups and stir fry.  Rafael’s book is self published and available on request.


The author is available to present his ideas in a talk lasting one hour. Also, for cooking interest, Rafael will add a one half hour demonstration of kitchen techniques producing delicious veggie burgers, bread, salad and even a pate, all produced with greens grown on your own family farm.  Reach the author at or



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