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Habitat Means Life is very happy to support The Denny Park Apartments Edible Kitchen Garden!

Nutritional Learning Kits
Learn About Sprouts, 10/10/10
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Nutritional Learning Kits
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Sunflower Sprouting Kit

Our Sunflower Sprouting Kit teaches the student to produce tasty and supernutritious greens in a small interior space.   The kit provides instruction with all the objects needed to grow healthful sprouts in a variety of mediums and configurations.  Students learn about the challenges of growing food on a planet increasingly stressed by the need for water and soil.  The Sunflower Sprouting Kit offers a sustainable and effective means of providing individuals with proven growing techniques producing greens rich in protein, vitamins and fiber.  The sunflower green is delicious, easy to grow and produces harvest in less than 10 days.  A small space with adequate grow spectrum lighting is all needed to produce food year round in an interior setting. 
Kits include documentation and support literature. 

Supplies for growing sunflower sprouts including seeds are available as needed over the world wide web.

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