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The Occupation of Morality

Introducing Occupy Seattle!
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Are we missing something?
Yes we are: As long as Occupy Seattle does not openly and patently reject any violence or any link to a violent movement or group, Habitruth cannot have anything to do with Occupy Seattle.
We know many people love and respect peace.  They reject violence and anything against the rule of law. They are our friends. 
Reject Violence.  I was there. I was at Westlake Center 12noon on May 1, 2012.  I saw the suspicious so called "blac-bloc" setting up with baseball bats and big masks.  I told them to leave.  I told them we would not stand for violence.  I told them I would turn them in "this would have been difficult because there were no cops anywhere around".  I went to a representative of the media and told them what I thought would shortly happen.  They heard me (the media reps) and just shook their heads.
Minutes later all hell broke out, luckily, I hid behind a cop, and warned other police officers of the ensuing mayhem.  I then went hope because the peaceful protest was effectively ruined. A smart movement uses non violence, voting,  letters, petitions, everything but breaking the law.  We do not believe you have to break the law to change things.  We believe in the system.

What are the numbers and how can we understand where the movement is headed.  Dustbin? or Liberation!

Hang around and we will explore the Occupy phenom- we are the 99%.