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The Occupation of Morality

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The Voice for Sustainable Downtown Seattle
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We live to inform!
Our publication is devoted to understanding how we may perhaps solve our planet's critical challenges including overpopulation, climate change, habitat shrinkage, pollution, economic imbalance and other pressing issues. 

Visit Sustainable Communities All Around Puget Sound at:

We don't want your money, we don't want your stuff.  We want you to care about your future.  That is all...

Nothing has changed while many of us wait for a magical force to correct and solve the problems of climate change, earth killing fossil fuel agriculture, habitat loss and so much more.

I continue to wait for magic.

Nothing will happen.  Do you want to know why? 

The only magic on earth is concious life- the state of humankind.  We are the magic. All of life is magical, but other large mammals such as elephants or manatees are not likely to directly influence the problems we face.  It's on us.

We are the magic and we are the solution.  We must unite.  We must think for ourselves and ignore the fear they will try to muster.  Nothing has to change. Countries, peace, commerce can all go on.  What can't go on is the bully  of the 1% telling us we have to do things their way.  Their scary way, and folks... their way is really scary.

Let's change this, enough is enough.  Join us please.  Do something, pick anything.

Just please do something- it's for the kids.  The world belongs to the young. What gives us a right to spoil it?


Join us as we continue to explore solutions to our planet's pressing needs.

"I never let schoolin' get in the way of my education"  Mark Twain

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Organization News


Thanks for your patience, we were busy unmasking the "black bloc" on Mayday 2012.
Folks, no violence.
Only Peace, Respect for Rule of Law and Respect for Private Property.  No Violence.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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Ste 304, 2030 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: 206.898.1943