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The Summer of 2012 Brings An Uncertain Growing Season

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A Word About Food Safety
A Gaelic visit!
Learn About Sprouts, 10/10/10
Help us help urban agriculture at its best!
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Nutritional Learning Kits
Learning about Nutrition!
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We offer a variety of teaching aids and enhancements including:
Sprout Kit
  1  18"x24" plastic sprouting tray
  1  50 lb bag of organic compost
  1  gallon sunflower seeds

Go Green!

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Create Opportunities
Green living creates opportunities for scholastic and career enhancement.  Our programs highlite educational choices made effective by the need to improve conditions on Planet Earth.  Students are introduced to available educational and career paths directed toward solving significant problems facing a planet stressed by traditional energy/fossil fuel reliance, twenty first century agricultural challenges and much more! 
Watch students create opportunity!

Learn How to Go Green
Our short videos available over the web, provide the instructor with powerful learning tools designed to raise awareness on the value of choosing environmentallly friendly lifestyles.  Recycling, Bicycling Safety, Green Living and other subjects are prepared with a flair for making the subject matter interesting and informative.
Learn Green!

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