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The Summer of 2012 Brings An Uncertain Growing Season

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Important News About Site:

Habitat Means Life and the work with sustainability takes an international turn.  Ireland.  That's right, we now take up an opportunity to develop new seeding methods on the emerald isle. In between Knowlte visits, we will be working on future publication sharing the blessings of the kitchen garden. 

Stay Tuned!

Our work in Dalkey near Dublin will use a greenhouse facility and other excellent means of developing better and easier sprouting techniques. 

Habitats Mean Life believes education is the answer to many of our planet's  toughest challenges.  Raising awareness on issues such as
global warming and habitat loss begins with our future: children.
Our videos cover important subjects such as  Energy Conservation, Bicycling Safety and other practical topics aiding the student's awareness and application of individual global action. Let us assist your school or organization improve habitat awareness and personal global outreach.

We make learning fun for students 8 to 15 years old.


Habitats Mean Life!

You can e-mail us at:

Habitats Mean Life, Ste. 304, 2030 7th Avenue  Seattle, WA 98121