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Denny Park Apartments Edible Gardening Founders
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Habitat Means Life thanks Solid Ground for Helping Make Denny Park Apartments Planting Saturday June 11, 11 a success!  Thank you Jesse, Victoria, Harriet and All.
Sustainable Downtown Seattle proudly welcomes Bill McKibben to Seattle Town Hall, June 1, 2011.  On the heels of Green Fest, we stand a good chance to show off support including all the 350 button proceeds I collected.  Very exciting!  Quite somber...  This is a very, very serious issue.  Questions, just call- 206-898-1943.
Come to our Celebrate Life on Earth Event at the Denny Park Apartments on June 11.

We will have entertainment for kids, lots of food and refreshments, fun and more fun including music!  Included will be the Farm Bill Petition protection small farms all around America.  Also, we will be discussing the urban garden at the Denny Park Apartments.

Life on Earth, Denny Park Apartments, Seattle WA. Saturday June 11, 1pm Call us at 206-898-1943 if you have a question?

Bring a starter plant!

Come Participate Habitat Means Life, 206-898-1943