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Habitat Means Life thanks Solid Ground for Helping Make Denny Park Apartments Planting Saturday June

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A Word About Food Safety
Denny Park Apartment Urban Edible Planting Project
We Educate!
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Join us in our Effort to Support Sustainable Communities
We have but one, to educate the individual, group or organization.
About Us

We are a Seattle, Washington based not for profit company. 

Our address is:

Habitat Means Life
Ste. 304
2030 7th Avenue
Seattle, WA  98121

Call us at 206-898-1943

We are friends of the Planet.

We educate individuals, groups and organizations.

Call us for more information!

Visit our governments education website.

Help us help raise habitat awareness!

Habitat Means Life * 2030 7th Ave * Seattle *WA* 98121-phone: 206-898-1943