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Habitat Means Life thanks Solid Ground for Helping Make Denny Park Apartments Planting Saturday June

Denny Park Apartment Urban Edible Planting Project

A Word About Food Safety
Denny Park Apartment Urban Edible Planting Project
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Join us in our Effort to Support Sustainable Communities
We have but one, to educate the individual, group or organization.
About Us

Join us while we help a low income building plant an edible garden on their site.  Last year's garden provided tenants with food as well as a great community space.  Children, parents and all come garden together in a safe and positive manner. 

Denny Park Apartments is:
in South Lake Union
Seattle, WA

Reach us with questions:  We are a small not for profit community organizaton

Habitat Means Life * 2030 7th Ave * Seattle *WA* 98121-phone: 206-898-1943